Event Description

The Pack the Pattern event seeks to replicate the busy atmosphere of large, commercial airports. During this event, ATC fully staffs the focus airfield, and pilots are encouraged to fly VFR or IFR circuits or arrive at the airport during the event.

VFR pilots: know the airspace, because tower controllers will be working hard to sequence you between larger, faster, jet arrivals. Depending on the traffic, you might even have to file an IFR flight plan if ATC is unable to sequence you in. Additionally, several radar sectors are available for IFR pilots. Don't be surprised if you get vectored onto a long lineup of aircraft on final!

Pilots are asked to fly circuits or time long-haul arrivals to land at the event airport with other traffic and then join in for a few circuits. Touch-and-go departures, low approaches, and full stop landings are all encouraged.
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