Event Description
From bad weather events to VFR mountain flying to SFRA and airspace avoidance, BVA's Challenge event is designed to put aviation knowledge to practice. Challenge is about learning through experience. Each event involves a specific activity, or series of activities, for pilots to complete. Past Challenge events have included the Washington and New York SFRAs, Class B airspace avoidance, landing competitions, IFR procedures, and Pilot Ratings Program flights.

This event is not about flying missions or winning points. It's about exercising your multi-tasking ability in challenging and unfamiliar situations—something pilots have to do all the time.
Event Briefing

In this Challenge, we feature three of our  IFR PRP flights. Participating aircraft should review the PRP Flight Indexes for IFR 7, 8, and 9 for a complete briefing.  A synopsis is provided below.

Training Material: 

PRP IFR 7 :  Non-Precision Approaches. KEEN to KHFD.

PRP IFR 8:   Full ILS Approached Without Course Reversals. KHFD to KLCI. 

PRP IFR 9:   
Obstacle Departure Procedures and Circling Approaches.  KLCI to KBGR.  

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