Event Description
From bad weather events to VFR mountain flying to SFRA and airspace avoidance, BVA's Challenge event is designed to put aviation knowledge to practice. Challenge is about learning through experience. Each event involves a specific activity, or series of activities, for pilots to complete. Past Challenge events have included the Washington and New York SFRAs, Class B airspace avoidance, landing competitions, IFR procedures, and Pilot Ratings Program flights.

This event is not about flying missions or winning points. It's about exercising your multi-tasking ability in challenging and unfamiliar situations—something pilots have to do all the time.
Event Briefing

In this Challenge, we focus on a multitude of airports that are situated south of Boston Logan, and a VFR flight to Portsmouth, NH (KPSM). Pilots are encouraged to depart any airport within the Boston TRACON that is south of Boston. Norwood (OWD) will have controllers, as well as Hanscom (BED), but pilots are also encouraged to depart from an untowered field such as TAN, GHG, or 1B9. Pilots should use appropriate charts to determine local frequencies, as the relevant real world sectors will be staffed.

Pilots may be told to remain clear of the Boston Class B airspace and are not guaranteed to receive a clearance through the Norwood or Hanscom Class D airspace. This means that aircraft may have to alter their route to avoid the airspace or descend early to avoid it. As well, aircraft underflying class B or C airspace must maintain an indicated airspeed of 200 knots or less (230 MPH) while underflying the airspace.

Pilots are encouraged to turn off their GPS' and navigate using visual landmarks such as highways. Watch out for other aircraft, and prepare for quick frequency changes as you navigate the busy Boston TRACON.

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