We will be staffing Boston Center for 60 Hours from 11am on Friday, October 13 to 11pm ET on Sunday, October 15. Any time you want to fly or control within that 60 hour period, day or night, you’ll find ATC coverage online! 

In addition to the continuous ATC coverage, we have two major events during this time period. We’ll be featured in VATUSA's Friday Night Operations event on October 13. From 7-11pm ET on Friday, October 13, the Boston ARTCC will be staffed to the hilt for our Fall FNO. Beyond FNO, we were chosen as a departure field for Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017, which takes place throughout the day on October 14th. More information regarding Cross the Pond can be read here or on the Cross the Pond website.

Whether you want to fly a big bird out of Boston, cruise around the Cape in your Cub, or just practice a few patterns at Portland, we'll be staffed up all weekend! 
Additional ATC will be available throughout the weekend at a variety of airports, including during the event times. As the 60 Hours of ATC weekend approaches, the ATC Timetable will be updated to show additional airports that will be staffed.
How to Participate
Participating in the event is simple! For pilots who just wish to drop in, ATC is guaranteed between 11am ET on October 13 to 11pm ET on October 15. In addition to Boston Center (ZBW), which will be staffed for the entire 60-hour event, controllers will be online throughout the weekend. You can also drop in for our Friday Night Ops (7-11pm ET on the Friday) or book a departure slot for Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017.
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