Mace in your Face!

BVA's Military consists of a group of military veterans and enthusiasts that strive to recreate military aviation realism to the max extent possible on the VATSIM network. We primarily fly Naval aircraft but any military aircraft is welcome. All real world procedures and policies are used at all times when flying on the network. BVA Military, callsign Mace, operates out of Westover ARB in Springfield Massachusetts (KCEF).

Mace in your Face!
Current Roster of Maces
Name CID Position
Chris Raabe
1327540 Commanding Officer
Chris Eells
Training Officer
Andrew Miller
1160927 Senior Member
Devon Hathaway
1133614 Senior Member
Nathan Brothers
1331342 Senior Member
Benjamin Dudley 1210808 Senior Member
Cody Outten
1327218 Member
Nate Oines
1307008 Member
George Bruton
1171963 Member
Brandon Bergna
1299902 Member
Michael Gordon
1267106 Member
Jeremy Valentine
1326740 Member
Steve Ablonczy 1148854 Member
Camden Bruno 1253785 Member
Marcus Bean 1210892 Member
Patrick Curtin 1343534 Member
Alec Liberman 1275800 Member
Justin Weinberg 1321875 Member
Sam Bouchagour-Richardson 1358624 Member
James Gibson 1334254 Member
Brandon Dionne 1355430 Member
Joining BVA's Military
Thank you for your interest in BVA's Military. Because we strive for realism we do not have a test that you can take and by passing be accepted. Acceptance is predicated on an interview with Senior Members and or Officers. Applicants must possess a drive to fly as realistic as possible. All skill levels will be considered. All members are highly encouraged to take part in BVARTCC's Authorized Training Organization, Pilot Ratings Program. Any other training required beyond will be via an instructor while flying on the network. To apply please send an email to chrisr@bvartcc.com with your name, VATSIM CID, flight simulator experience, your flight simulator platform, your military experience (real world or simulator), and a brief description about yourself and why you would be a good fit for BVA's Military.
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