Non-Members: How to Get Started
BVA's Air Traffic Controllers are a group of members trained to real-world standards for Air Traffic Control in the United States. Only BVA certified controllers may login to an ATC position within the ZBW ARTCC on VATSIM.

Air traffic controllers begin by signing up as a controller at VATUSA. The sign-up process includes the completion of the VATUSA Basic ATC Exam. After the exam, controllers interested in joining BVA should select ZBW as their home ARTCC. Those controllers then become BVA members, and will be added to our roster to begin training. Visit to get started.

VATSIM members wishing to join the community as a pilot should apply directly to Boston Virtual ARTCC.

If you are looking to transfer to BVA, or to visit BVA from another ARTCC, please see our guidelines for Visiting and Transferring Controllers.
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